Faith & Healing

What if healing is as hard as we believe? If God responds to what I believe, if I believe healing is really difficult, rare, and that I have to have tons of faith to see it happen what will I see happen in my experience? But what if I believe that healing is really easy for God, and that faith the amount of a mustard seed is all it takes to move a mountain? What if Jesus was right that mustard-seed sized faith is all it takes? If God responds to what I believe and I started to believe that, what might happen in my experience?

I think the bigger block to healing is not lack of faith, but rather being self-absorbed during prayer. At least it has been for me way too often. The best way to kill faith is to analyze it. Faith flows through love. If I can develop a heart of compassion for the individual rather than go introspective to hunt out sin or try to earn a healing, it is amazing what can happen. I do not have the right to not believe that God does not want to heal someone because of something in me. Believe me, you do not want someone praying for you that does not think God will answer them because of something they have or have not done. You would rather have someone pray for you that still believes God wants to touch you despite their own weaknesses. I do not have the right to believe God does not want to heal because of my own life. God wants His worshipers to worship in Spirit and truth... while I realize it was not contextually applied to healing it does work here - He wants us filled with the Spirit and believing He wants to move through us. Both are important but even if I don't feel filled, I still don't have the right to believe that God doesn't want to work through me.

If my focus shifts from being self-absorbed during prayer to focus on love for the person, it is amazing what can happen. If I can shift from asking God for a healing to taking authority (commanding) as Jesus and the apostles did, it is amazing what can happen. I do not know if I ever seen something get healed when one asks God. I don't even know that it is biblical to do so because I don't ever see a prayer of asking in regards to healing recorded in the Bible. However, if I can command, focused on love for the individual, keeping my awareness of God bigger than the problem (as Bill Johnson would say) through focusing on just how easy it is for God to heal it, it might be amazing what might occur. It might be even more amazing if one were to keep praying for multiple people each day for healing until there was a high percentage of healings each day... sometimes simply praying for one or two people just gets you reconnected into the realm of the Spirit. After that, you are ready to go. But too many get discouraged at this point from thinking an answer to prayer may come when the reality is that they were just getting reconnected to the realm of the Spirit. Now is when the breakthroughs really start coming!

As a side note I saw this on a facebook page: "It is a law of the human mind that I can act myself into believing faster than I can believe myself into acting" - John G. Lake