Performing, healing, etc.

It is very important for people to discover and believe for their dreams. It also is crucial to put into action a plan for that. I think the dreams God has placed in us are a little like Ladd's view of the kingdom. They are both for now and to be fully realized later. Therefore, there needs to be a plan of action of how one can begin to build towards the vision (allowing God to modify) without seeing people as stepping stones on the way... the dream can in some form also be lived out today! For example, my passion is healing. Even if I had no speaking engagements, I can still find people everywhere that are sick... the dream of seeing God heal people can happen today. The dream is happening each time in some form when I pray for someone.

It is important the vision gets instilled (although God obviously may modify it), it is also very important to pursue it. However, there is a major difference between performing to try to advance my kingdom and seeking first His kingdom and loving those He puts in my path. Performance is the antithesis of love... one seeks to take from another while another seeks to give. Perhaps this is why it is so important to get fresh encounters with God's love... 1 John 4:8 shows the link between knowing God through experience and walking in His love.

As a side point - in regards to healing - I am convinced faith flows through love far better than through trying to prove something theologically or simply wanting to have a sweet testimony to share. Jesus is often seen to be filled with compassion for the sick person He prays for. However, if the love that is expressed is not simply the love or compassion that we would naturally have for someone who is going through distress, but rather is the love of the Father - through encountering and giving out THAT love, it is amazing how the healings can exponentially increase!