Basics of a healing ministry - this might be a little repetitive from some of the prior notes, but it never hurts to go over this stuff if you want to see God heal people.

#1 I am not allowed to make healing (or the healings I have not seen happen) difficult because of what I have not seen God do yet. Healing is not difficult for Him and it is not difficult for Him to do through you or me. As Curry Blake has said, "the only hindrance to having a healing ministry is believing there is a hindrance." If healing is as hard as I believe, I am not allowed to believe healing (or the healings I have not seen occur yet) is difficult for God or Him to do through me (believing healing is difficult, rare, impossible, etc. is the best way to kill your chance of having a healing ministry). Coming up with untrue ideas of healing or of God when we don't see Him heal someone is one of the best ways to believe healing to be difficult, rare, or impossible - avoid the temptation to do so.

Cultivating his presence is a much better response to getting more breakthrough - not coming up with wrong beliefs based on disappointments. Radical hunger for Him often releases a grace to see things from His perspective. This naturally creates an aligning of our hearts with His and grows the annointing on your life - which is a really good way to see His heart for healing expressed through you - also, hanging around someone that has a lot of breakthrough helps as well.

#2 I am not allowed to ask God to do what He gave me authority to declare. Nobody is ever recorded asking God to heal anything in the prayers for the sick that were recorded in the Bible. I don't know that I am really going to improve on the way Jesus prayed. If he and the apostles took authority over sickness, asking God to do what He gave me authority to command probably isn't going to get me better results than Jesus and the apostles had. Asking is not an improvement to His commanding. I don't think I have ever seen God heal anything when I asked him to. There has been very large numbers of healings that have occurred through taking authority over sickness, though. And authority is for every believer - unless you don't believe it is for you. Then you just gave up an incredible gift He has given you.

#3 Take my eyes off of me. The best way to kill my faith is to see how much I have. Another good way is to try to see if I think I am good enough or read my Bible enough to see a healing happen.

#4 Believe that God actually wants to heal people when you pray. You and I do not have the right to believe that God doesn't want to heal the person that is in front of us. Because He does. Please do not come up with reasons before you pray to disqualify yourself from seeing God touch who is in front of you. If you were getting prayer and were sick, you would not want the people who are praying for you thinking of reasons why it won't manifest when they pray because of their own issues.

#5 Steward what is given to you. Do not make an identity out of what He can do through you. As we get comfortable with seeing certain healings happen, it is important to not make the ones that we have not seen difficult in our minds. That's why we need to hold on to what He did through us knowing that our gifting is not us - it is Him in us. Thanksgiving is the best way to keep things healthy to be positioned for more (or a great way to steward when the healing process starts to see the full manifestation come when praying).

#6 A healing does not validate your life. It does not prove things are right with you and God. It does not show all is right in your walk with the Lord. It is not something you attained. All it means is that God loves people and wants to heal them and He likes to partner with us.

#7 Love the sick person in front of you. It is amazing how many more healings can come when I can love the sick person in front of me rather than be self-absorbed when praying.

#8 Keep your awareness of God bigger than the problem in front of you - Bill Johnson. This is huge. And it is not just a healing issue, it is an all of life issue and is so crucial to living a hope-filled life. Surround yourself with influences that expand your view of God. I'd recommend listening to David Hogan testimonies to expand your view of what normal Christianity is supposed to look like :).

#9 Share a testimony of God healing before praying. It is AMAZING how many healings come if I can share a quick healing testimony first. The testimony of Jesus IS the spirit of prophesy (according to Revelation).

#10 Lastly, go for it. You don't need to be perfect and this is not a formula. It is just more of a troubleshooting if things aren't going right. We learn by doing - take risk!! And invite Holy Spirit and the (healing) angels to help!

Have fun watching God heal people! Take lots of risk!! And fall in love with the Healer - He's a whole lot better than what He can do through you or me!