I read this quote... I never realized I loved Ezekiel 1 so much...

"There is a beautiful analogy which can be drawn from Ezekiel’s vision of the fiery
chariot. To some scholars this serves as a metaphor for God’s powerful throne. It is
ominous and intimidating. You will notice that it exudes power, tremendous power.
Images of wheels within wheels, peals of thunder. The ancients believed that if one
could touch this throne they would become a conduit of God’s power into the human
realm. This is what was believed that Jesus did, this was seen as the validation of his heavenly authority. Jesusʼ journey toward righteousness put him in contact with God’s powerful, holy throne.

The wheel in Ezekielʼs vision is unique. Can you see that this throne is designed to
move in several directions, what does that mean? It moves to and fro, it is not a fixed throne. Why would it move?

The idea that one must make an arduous journey to get to God is mitigated by the
reality that God is making effort to get to us.

Godʼs throne is a moving throne of presence and power. which is dispatched as answer
to our need. To the ancient Hebrew people, touching God’s throne meant answer, if this interpretation of Ezekiel’s throne is correct, imagine the comfort we can glean from the knowledge that God’s power is here and ready, right now, that is awesome!" - John McKendricks

I put this as my facebook status a little while back and am putting it up here so I'll remember what I put.

I get the feeling that many are trying to attain the breakthrough that God wants to give freely if they instead would shift their hearts to compassion for how those around would be helped by the breakthrough. God tends to empower compassion more than self-promotion.

This is also what kills spiritual jealousy and puts us in a place to recieve impartation. If my focus is on who can be blessed by what I recieve than I am no longer threatened by what gift someone else carries that I don't. It also kills any offense I may have against God for what I am jealous of someone else having. I just desperately need the impartation so that more can be touched. Hunger for God and love for others will compel me to go places and do things that simple natural desire never will. It also will with far less fear as it no longer is about me but compelled by seeing the goodness of God expressed and compassion for those in need. Love is what casts out fear.