"The problem with legalism is whatever is on the inside always breaks out." -Dallas Willard

"What I have written about is a model that can help us become functioning human beings. But if that is the final goal, we have sold ourselves short. We were made to love, and the fully functioning person is one who takes his bonded, separate, forgiving, adult self into a world and denies that self for the sake of others. We have seen how this does not mean being without a person inside; it means having such a full one that it can be imparted to others." - Henry Cloud p. 253-254 Changes That Heal

"What is it to love God and your neighbor? It is absorption in what is good for God and good for your neighbor. That is a holy person... God wants to grow us so He can empower us to do whatever we want. Yes, I said that correctly. God wants us so conformed that our will is His." -Dallas Willard

"There is a major difference between my vision where I might love a few people on the way to getting me to my goal and a vision that is compelled forward by the necessity for other people's lives to be changed. The latter seems to avoid jealousy of others who are successful so much more as the person cares much less about who does the vision as much as that the vision is coming to pass." -Me

"God delights people to be doing what they were made to be. Because God made us that way." - Jack Hayford

"Someone might argue that if you base your relationship with God on an experience, you could be deceived. That is so true! But, on the other hand, if you study the Bible and it doesn't lead you into an encounter with he Almighty, then you are already deceived! The moment theologians, or anybody else for that matter, abandon relationship with God as the primary mission in understanding the Bible, they have already begun to enter into deception. - Kris Vallotton Heavy Rain p. 37

"Leaders in denomenationalism preach to convince people of truth. They are under the impression that it is their responsibility to persuade people what to believe. Leaders in apostleships... train people to be dependent on the Holy Spirit because, ultimately, He is the one who is responsible for their maturity in Christ. - KV HR p. 36.

"If we don't understand how to recognize and align ourselves under true spiritual authority, we may build bigger armies, develop better strategies and buy more powerful weapons, but we still lose! It just never occurs to us that if we support (honor) our leaders, we will inherit their victories. But this is how leadership is designed to work in an apostleship. In an apostleship, honor between the leaders and those who follow creates a relationship in which the leaders' ceiling becomes the followers' floor." -KV HR p. 45-46 (My response: so true - I saw so much more breakthrough in healing through learning from others who had breakthrough than simply trying pursue God harder on my own)

"The Israelites lived a life of incredible blessing during the years of Joseph's rule, not because they deserved it, but because Joseph did (see Gen 37-38)! Why did Joseph deserve this blessing? What qualified him...? It wasn't his intelligence, education, charisma, people skills, or any other quality by which human beings generally judge a person's leadership ability. Joseph rose to prominence for three reasons: 1) he lived supernaturally demonstrated through his ability to interpret dreams; 2) in a dream he was called by God Himself to be a leader; 3) and he passed every test of character on the way to his calling. Divine callings, proven character, and a supernatural lifestyle are the three primary marks of a person with true spiritual authority." KV HR p.52

"That was the most clever, biblically sound, passionately put, summons to supernatural ministry I have ever heard." - Jack Hayford (spoken to the Four Square denominations pastor's conference in respect to Bill Johnson's preaching connecting Rom. 12:2 to the Lord's Prayer - see The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind by BJ. Jack had a CD of Bill's message given free of charge to every attendee of the conference because of how important the message given was. He wanted to make sure the message would sink in to the pastors).

"Don't leave your wounds for another day... If you have discomfort from a wound, people look for a sin to comfort. Because God will only give you temporary comfort while the tormentors are on you." Bruce Wilkinson - spoken to Four Square pastors at the annual Autumn Leadership Conference about forgiveness.

"You won't have much love without gifts flowing around you. It just gets cut down to being really nice. But being really nice and love are not the same thing. Love is always tough. You want to see love, look at Jesus on the cross. And it goes in a community where the gifts are flowing." -Dallas Willard