God's Will

I might sound a little like Pastor Bill on this post, but this just needs to be said...

I've heard others say it, but: "if sickness is God's will, why go to the doctor to get medication? Wouldn't you be hindering God's will from happening?" Or do we go to the doctor in order to find out what God's will is? Apparently, if they have a medication for it, then it is God's will for the person not to have their sickness; but, if the doctor can't help them, then God wants them sick. So essentially this theological position states: Go to your doctor to discern the will of God for your sickness. Whatever he can do for you is what God's will is for you.

Where in the world does this sort of theology come from? I can't find anything remotely like this in the Bible. What if the doctor is an Atheist? Is an Atheist doctor really the best person to discern what God's will is for your health? If this theology is right, then it would logically follow that getting a second opinion or pursuing alternative health methods must be the equivolant to questioning God or being rebellious to His will.

Do you really think that everything that happens on planet earth is God's will? If so, then when people are abused or killed that God willed that to occur? Using this kind of reasoning, Adam and Eve eating the fruit in the garden must have been God's will too. This is absurd. Would the woman with the issue of blood been healed if she just accepted that this was God's will for her and did not seek Jesus? Would it really have been God's will if Naman were to have died of the leprosy he had instead of going to someone with a healing ministry?

Some might say, "Well, God allowed it." Just because God does not turn us all into zombies so that no one has free will, does not mean that God premeditates the destruction of people or cause all of their medical problems and other hardships. What kind of God is that? "Well, he disciplines his children" some might say because Hebrews 12 talks of that. There is a major difference between a father disciplining his daughter in love and a father wishing his daughter to be molested in order to teach her a lesson. The first is healthy, the second is abhorent. And some in the church would attribute this sort of attrocity to God or would blame God for allowing it. How come these people do not also blame God for allowing Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden? The only thing I can think of is that this must be what happens when people do theology without relationship - those that try to work hard to understand God get a distorted picture of Him. Studying about the Lord was never meant to be seperate from knowing Him. Both study and knowing Him need to be in the lives of Christians!

"I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly." -Jesus