His presence

It is obvious when reading the Bible that the Christian life includes following principles and obedience. However, there is a deeper realm than simply seeking to follow rules that God is after - it is the realm of deep friendship. This does not negate obedience, but it shifts focus from simply trying to obey and applying the right principles to the realm of relationship.

I just watched this clip again from The Matrix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_dqwkIuUm8 - I really think it illustrates a principle I am trying to make. There is a realm in God's presence that changes everything that I think we (the church) have only begun to scratch the surface of. Let me illustrate a quick example of this with a testimony. A buddy of mine just did some healing meetings in England. After they were done and everyone had already left the church, a man in a wheelchair showed up to the church (he apparently thought the meeting was at a different time). As he came to the door, he found he could not go in and that the church was locked. However, at the door, he felt the presence of the Lord very strongly and was instantly healed - this paralyzed man walked normally out of his wheelchair. There is a principle of praying for the sick - and then there is the realm where God's presence just takes care of it without a Christian in sight. It is like when the man was buried in the same tomb as Elijah but he was resurrected when he touched the dead prophet's body - there is no principle for dead-raisings occurring in this manner. I really believe there is a realm of God's presence that God is wanting to open up upon people that breaks all limitation and boxes that we have put Him in regarding how we think He can work through us.