I found this fascinating...

I saw this on my friend's facebook: "I learned something amazing today! Einstein was a Jew and he says in his own biographies that much of the information he "discovered" came to him in colorful visions by God the Creator of the Universe."

I had to ask to hear more. She replied: "Jim Kaseman talks about it in the series 'Spiritology 101' - He says he was reading a biography on Einstein and it was quoted from Einstein that he saw 'Colorful visions from the God of the universe' that showed him different discoveries such as quantum physics, different mathmatical equations, etc :) I understand that he was a believing Jew as well... so I thought that was really cool to learn and had to share!!" She then adds, "Its cool because so many people thought he was crazy due to the fact that he would sit in an empty room with a pen and paper and write down what came to him... when I think he wasnt crazy...but it was God speaking to him and showing him amazing things most of us can only begin to understand... God is so cool :-)."

I found that fascinating and had to share...


I think in the Christian life, many try to approach God to put something in (quiet time, fasting, etc.) to get something out of Him. However, this tends to not work so well. He is not after us trying to earn something through working at it from Him but through blessing His friends that are close to Him as an act of grace. A major hindrance to receiving can be trying to put something in to get something in return. It works far better to go all in and then watch how He blesses more than we can ask, think, or imagine - but to know that there is no way that we could work hard enough for His goodness and blessing. If we keep thinking we have to work hard for His blessing, than we will keep trying to work harder to earn what He could have given for free if we just wouldn't have thought that we somehow earned what He previously did. Thankfulness is the proper response!

Blessings to you!