A Few Random Thoughts……..

Praying for healing is not about tossing up my best prayer hoping that something will work. Rather, its about knowing that I am child of God (John 1:12), He’s given me authority and He’s backing me up, so how can this person NOT get healed when I pray. Remember, God responds to what we believe and faith flows through what we believe…
A religious spirit is not anything that keeps a person from doing whatever they want whenever they want in the name of freedom. No, doing whatever you want whenever you want and not caring about what anyone else thinks is called anarchy.

I’m also tired of Christians doing offensive things to others that are not what Jesus would do (and have nothing to do with the Holy Spirit) and then accusing them of having a religious spirit if they react. No, that is not a religious spirit – that is just you being rude and not walking in love.

What if grace has a whole lot more to do with forgiveness and empowerment than it does with doing whatever you feel like in the name of freedom?
What if God has called us to actually encounter Him and seek first his kingdom vs. being religious – or, being religious about not being religious.
Passiveness, lazyness, and being unwilling to take risk is not what avoiding striving is about.

Acting flaky, being unreliable, inability to commit to anything, constantly changing one’s mind, and being a slave to one’s feelings are not fruit of the Holy Spirit nor would being led by the Spirit is all about.

If someone thinks that their dream is just going to be handed to them without initiative, hard work, and sacrifice, they may be living more of a fantasy than a reality. I don’t know of too many people who went from dream to destiny without doing something…
You know, Jesus never told crippled people to stay crippled because they were becoming so holy that they’d be like Mother Theresa if they couldn’t walk for a while longer. He never told blind people that they were learning so much so they better stay blind for another five years so they could be like Einstein or something. Just saying…