A fun airport healing testimony…

So I sit down in the airplane and start chatting to the guy next to me about football (he was wearing a Packers shirt and I’m a Vikings fan). After a while, he mentions how his family is in different places on the plane and how his wife is in the back with something like 12 bulging disks. I was quite exhausted after a great but busy day of ministry so as he said that I quick prayed “Jesus, should I offer to pray or should I rest?” As I was praying this, the man then next asks me what I do for work… I chuckled… Looks like I am going to be offering to pray! So I tell him and tell some recent testimonies and told him I was just asking Jesus if I should be offering to pray…

So he jumps in and says how he would welcome the prayer for his wife. I tell him that I’d be happy to pray when the plane lands. So as the plane gets close the man reminds me that he’d still like prayer for his wife. I said that I’d be happy to and that I’d be waiting for them at the gate inside.

So I go inside and they come with her being wheeled up in a wheelchair. One quick prayer later, she can’t find the problem with her back that she has been dealing with for a long time. The man then watches her leg grow 2 inches and the sciatica disappear. I then hear “neck.” So I ask and she says her neck is always stiff. After prayer, she is fine.

Then the man says that his wife needs prayer for Lyme’s. As I start to pray for her I see a picture in my mind’s eye of the top of her head. So I ask if she needs healing there. She says that the Lyme’s causes problems with that part of her body too..

After all of this, she says, “well, the real test will be that I can walk to the next gate (they were on a layover).” And so she takes off with her family – without the wheelchair and the airline people who were going to push her – off to her next flight.

I like Romans 8 in the Message where it says: “This resurrection life you received from God is not a timid, grave-tending life. It’s adventurously expectant, greeting God with a childlike ‘What’s next, Papa?'”