A fun testimony…

This was a fun testimony I was left with by a guy who came to a healing conference…   God loves to heal through everyone!

Thanks for coming to teach us how to do this stuff. On Monday I went to work and told everyone at staff meeting about the healings that God did on the weekend. A lot of faith was released through telling the testimonies. I offered to pray for healing and had the privelige of seeing 4 ladies come for prayer. All four had the presence of God come on them with heat, wind, weight, and other manifestations. I had to teach them how to be catchers because of the presence of God on them. I walked them through the process like you did with us. I told them it was Jesus and the holy spirit touching them. The healings included a wrecked knee being healed and a shoulder that did not allow the lady to lift her arm past her neck and multiple healings from a car accident 20 years ago. The lady that had been in the car accident has no knee cap. I commanded that to be made new and am still believing for it but she can now use her leg properly. She used to walk up stairs placing one foot beside the other but on Monday she walked up the stairs normal and her husband said “how did you do that?”

She was healed of leg pain, including damaged tendons and ligaments that have hurt for 20 years, hip pain, back and neck pain and headache. One lady was manifesting the Holy Spirit before I even got to pray for her. She said she was not born again and I explained that Jesus wanted to touch her life because he loved her. She also was seen by her father walking up stairs normally and testified to her Dad what happened. People at work are asking for
more prayer. They are talking in the hallways what God has done and giving him glory. There have been other healings as well but it is all because God is gracious and is willing to pour his spirit out on all of us.


There has been many more testimonies.  The pastor’s wife at a church in southern California where I recently ministered just recently told me how she prayed for someone in a wheelchair who got out of it!  God continues to work after the services are done!!