Different thoughts and a fun link from Guatamala

When a Christian shifts from sin focus to God focus is when they will begin to experience victory against sin. Because victory and empowerment is found through someOne not by trying to avoid some thing. The essence of Christianity is not sin management but connection to God and others and kingdom advancement.

There are times that people contend for the same breakthrough over and over. They had the empowerment, but then it disappeared. If they keep praying for the same thing, they become like a dog chasing its tail. The key is not contending for what has already been given but to re-attach oneself in close abiding relationship. Then there is a discovery that the “gift” or empowerment still is there and it never left.

In other words, the issue isn’t always to contend for the same thing over again but to stay in close abiding relationship with the one who gave the empowerment!

The President of Guatamala declares Jesus Christ to be God of Guatamala. See the article below. You may want to use Google Translate…