So I don’t think I have put much of any kind of jokes on here, but I felt the need to put this one on.  This is coming from C. Peter Wagner given to a Pastor and Leader’s Conference on God TV given at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship.

A Catholic Priest, Pentecostal Preacher, and Jewish Rabbi all served together as chaplains at a major university.  Ever week they would get together for coffee and to talk shop.  One day, someone made the comment that preaching to people isn’t all that hard – it would be much harder to preach to a bear.  So they decided to do an experiment.  They would all go out in the woods, find a bear, and see who could convert it.  A week later, they found themselves in the hospital discussing their experiences.

Father Flannery, on crutches, with a big bandage around his head, said, “Well, I went into the woods to find me a bear.  When I found him I began to read from the catechism and he wanted nothing to do with that.  He batted me around until I could grab my Holy Water, sprinkled him, and said ‘Holy Mary, Mother of God.’ when I did he became as gentle as a lamb and next week the bishop is coming to bring him his first communion.”

Reverend Billy Bob was next.  He was in a wheelchair with one arm in a sling, one leg in a cast, plus an I.V. drip.   In his best pulpit oratory voice he said, “Well brothers, you know I ain’t got nothing to do with holy water and sprinkling.  I found me a bear and read to him from God’s Holy Word. But Satan was behind him and he pushed the bear into me.  And he commenced scratching and biting until we rolled down the hill into the crick.  As soon as we did, I quick dunked him down and baptized him.  He became as gentle as a lamb and we was praising God together.”

They both looked down at the Rabbi who was in intensive care with a full body cast and tubes all over.  The Rabbi glances up and strains to say, “Looking back on it, the next time I won’t try to start things out with circumcision.”