Current Musings...


I am thinking/realizing that if God opposes the proud (James 4 & 1 Peter 5), then choosing to act in pride must be one of the stupidest things I can do.

I wonder what percentage of people who want a healing in their body would find their problem would disappear if they changed what they ate and drank, got enough sleep and sunshine, and exercised regularly. I think it would be at least a significant minority and maybe even a majority (especially if we include prevention).

I wonder what percentage of things going on in people's lives that they are questioning why God is doing it to them is really the result of them reaping what they sowed. Sure, there could be many other factors (i.e. other people's free will), but I think there is a significant percentage in this category. (Pr 19:3)

If a discipleship program doesn't involve actively doing the Great Commission, how effective can it be?? How much can people really be becoming disciples if the main thing Jesus commanded them to do isn't even on their radar?