I am pretty sure there is a direct correlation between lack of purpose and a lack of fire of God's presence resting on a person's life.

Passiveness is not a fruit of the Spirit

We need His perspective through relationship; not just His empowerment for what we think He wants us to do.

Spiritual gifts can plateau when the focus is on one's own gifts and not on love for those who would be blessed through what God can do through them.

People tend to live for whatever is the most real to them. Hence, we need to be focused on encountering Him as He is really all that satisfies.

Appealing to God’s sovereignty for something not happening to excuse personal passiveness is to fail to understand that God has sovereignly chose to primarily work through empowering people…

Which I piggy-backed from "God in his sovereignty has decided to soveriegnly work through people." - Kevin Dedmon

"The behavior of the church needs to define the behavior of culture not the behavior of culture changing the culture of the church." -Damon Thompson

"Emotions are not a barometer of reality." - Mark Rapley