Some more thoughts...

What if seeking first the kingdom (Mt. 6:33) will cause people to find their destiny that are not finding their destiny by seeking first their destiny? What if one's destiny isn't His destiny for them if it doesn't involve seeking first His kingdom? And what if seeking first the kingdom is something that a person can live out EVERY SINGLE DAY and not something they have to wait around for?

If you spend a lot of time consumed with a fear of lack, it is probably a good sign to spend more time with (or that you are believing a lie about) the Source!!

What if strength can be seen in someone who can ask for forgiveness/admit they don't know something/admit they are wrong when needed more then needing to show the world that they are always the best? The former shows me someone secure in who they are and not living for the praises of man. The latter shows me someone who has a performance based identity (needs to perform in order to feel valuable).

"If you have nothing to depend on God for, you're not getting out of your comfort zone enough. Faith only comes through dependence." -Mark Rapley

Following God on one's own terms and how they, culture, or their friends think He ought to be (instead of following God on His terms and how the Bible shows Him to be) is a great place to come up with bad theology and live in compromise.

It isn't so different from making up a god in one's own image... And then sometimes they start to wonder if their god is even real. Because he isn't. That god doesn't exist! :