Some thoughts...

A person who is living their life predominantly for themselves will have a lot less meaning/purpose than one who is seeking first the kingdom. Living for self is an empty and unsatisfying way to go...


Jesus was very content to empower people and let them grow personally in the process of using gifts; they did not have to become perfect to get access to gifts. If someone has to have perfect character to operate in healing, then why did Jesus send out very imperfect disciples in Luke 9?
If someone has to be baptized in the Holy Spirit to operate in healing, than why does Luke 9:1-2 with the disciples occur before Acts 2?
Of course Spirit-baptism and character are important, but I don't think God likes us restricting Him and what He is allowed to do through us and disqualifying ourselves when He qualified us with the Great Commission!


False humility blocks multiplication. If everything good is reduced to giving glory to Jesus, no one else can be taught into the same breakthrough. But if a person can share HOW the Lord did it and what God did in and through them in the partnership, then multiplication/impartation has a much better chance of taking root in the other. If one is really seeking first the kingdom, false humility can be the enemy to kingdom expansion.