Some more thoughts...

What if the Believer's life is not so much about me working hard to do spiritual things but about Him flowing through me to do what I can't?  And if one is wondering how to access that... then maybe that is where religion stops and relationship starts!


Some may call a behavior legalism. But for another it may actually be safeguarding their heart to avoid distraction so they may keep the main thing the main thing!


And from other people:

"It is tremendously poor theology for the light to hide until the darkness takes over and then God pulls the light out of hiding to get them off the planet... the purpose of the light is to be sent into the darkness with the revelation that the light shines forth in darkness... the light is productive based on how bright the light is not based on a lesser amount of darkness." - Damon Thompson


"Christian myth #127: If something is from God it will only be fun and easy to do :)." - Kristen D'Arpa