What's going through my head...

What if the Believer's life is not so much about me working hard to do spiritual things but about Him flowing through me to do what I can't?

And if one is wondering how to access that... then maybe that is where religion stops and relationship starts!


It works better to not focus all your spiritual energy on trying to defeat the one who is already defeated, but to focus more on the One who did the defeating!


Some don't want to confess to another their struggles due to shame... but it is actually confessing to healthy others that helps to bring freedom from shame!


If ministry gets put in front of God, ministry suffers. If God is put ahead of ministry, ministry naturally occurs as a byproduct of connecting with God's heart for people and acting on it.


If we do not give testimonies of what God can do because of false humility, it can cause others to not get breakthrough because they don't know what is available.


What if the primary part of a relationship with God is not trying to get stuff out of Him but falling in love and being loved by the King of the Universe?


Working hard to try to make something spiritually happen can be a really poor substitute for trusting Jesus to do what we can't.


If you focus on stewarding and your responsibilities overly much, you may fail to realize the best way to steward is to keep God as your source and partner with Him!