Some thoughts for today...

If the messages of your church are to simply get people through the next week, then your people may start to reduce God by only believing for that. But so much more than that is available in the abundant life Jesus gives!!

If you make decisions based off of whoever can tell you emotional stories to manipulate your feelings instead of truth and facts, you can easily be deceived and have a mercy gift not grounded in reality.  Stories, truth, and facts are all important.

When you want the reward without embracing the process you become a target for the victim mentality. - Erik Frederickson

The only secure place for one's value/self worth is found in the One that does not change! If value is based on what a person will spend for something... well, you have been bought with the life of Jesus on the cross. There is nothing more valuable than that!

"In his 1942 devotional Abundant Living, E. Stanley Jones, Methodist doctor and missionary to India, writes: The early Christians did not say in dismay: "Look what the world has come to," but in delight, "Look what has come to the world."
They saw not merely the ruin, but the Resource for the reconstruction of that ruin. 
They saw not merely that sin did abound, but that grace did much more abound.
On that assurance the pivot of history swung from blank despair, loss of moral nerve, and fatalism, to faith and confidence that at last sin had met its match." - Alberto Cordero

If people make healing ministry difficult in their minds it will become difficult in their experience.

(if no quote by it, it is from me)