“It saddens me that sometimes in our church circles when a person calls someone to a higher standard of living then the world’s, or encourages them to turn from sin, they can be labelled judgmental. It amazing me that those who love God’s standard are marked as the critical/legalistic ones and the one who still lives like the world and refuses to leave sin is often seen as the Christ-like victim. In this present day we must be careful that our love message doesn't become the love of anything and everything message.” - Ben Fitzgerald

“[People can say…] We cannot share the Word of God because our church only has 4 kinds of people:
1. Too young
2. Too busy 
3. Too old 
4. Dead


We can reach whole nations because our church has 4 kinds of people:
1. Workers
2. Mentors
3. Strategists 
4. Finish Line” - Marcy Babor

“If you are not prioritizing God over your life, you are not prioritizing your life!” - Roselyn Lopez

“When you view God solely through the filter of your own experience, a lot of God tends to get filtered out.” - Melissa Wood

“Do you ever talk against yourself, put yourself down in your thoughts, listen to the voice of discouragement and failure? Please know that you are going to lose. You see, God is for you. If you are against you, you will find yourself fighting against God. Because He is fighting for you!” -Marcy Babor

“God doesn’t want to control you. He wants to set you free from all that does.” -Nathaniel White

“Authentic Christianity isn’t about behavior modification, it’s about transformation from the inside out.” -Reggie Mercado