"This is what I have seen happen that has deeply concerned me - is people will study great subjects of Scripture like grace or the love of God. And what happens is people will come up to it with a definition of God's love and then they allow their definition of love to re-define what the Bible says - which is [an] absolute violation of Scripture. The Bible is supposed to define love, not us work up our own feel good definition of love and let that redefine Scripture." - Bill Johnson 

“Why is our generation so unhappy? Because there are many choices of temporary substitutes that we use to fill the void that only God can satisfy. Quick fix.”-Le-Jovale Vallejo

“If we want more of God and his light in our lives, the key is not only coming to church to get it, but in going into the world to give it.” -Nathanael White

"If you constantly find yourself trying to prove your worth to someone, you've already forgotten your value." -Ram Babu

“Until you have something to die for, you really have nothing to live for.” -Kris Vallotton

“It’s challenging but we cannot believe that Jesus died to satisfy the punishment for our sin and to reverse the effects of sin in our soul, but then call things… that Jesus died to save us from holy & good. Calling bad things good was the first sin.” - Zoe Warren

“The greater my need to control other people the lesser personal freedom I will feel.” -Miguel Que

“Sometimes you have to let go of the picture of what you thought it would be like and learn to find joy in the story you are actually living.” - Rachel Marie Martin

"Grace enables me to walk like Christ walked and grace never tried to sin and get away with it." -Todd White