Paul Rapley

Paul Rapley is a fourteen year cancer-survivor who now has a passion to see others healed.

Paul studied and graduated from Bill Johnson’s School of Ministry in Redding, California. He also has a Master’s of Divinity from King’s University (Jack Hayford’s school); as well as a Bible and Theology degree from Crown College. Paul was featured in the movie Christ in You, has taught at Teen Challenge’s Ministry School in Minnesota, has been a guest writer on God TV’s webpage, and is currently on staff as the Itinerant Healing Minister of a church near San Francisco, California. He has ministered in hundreds of healing services, with over 10,000 testimonies of physical conditions being healed by Jesus (as of 2014... now he has lost count). He has a tremendous passion to have the body of Christ empowered to minister healing as well as other gifts of the Spirit.

Mission Statement:

I have a burning passion to equip Christians in the power that He died to give us.  This has happened both internationally and nationally, in churches, large open-air meetings, pastor’s conferences, drug rehabs, homeless shelters, half-way houses, food warehouses, and other places – just to give some examples of the spectrum of places this can occur.  This also occurs in a variety of age ranges from children’s services, to college groups, all the way to convalescent homes, and in many different ethnic groups and denominations.  In this process, many choose to begin to start a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Statement of Faith:

I minister in a broad spectrum of churches/ministries including Assemblies of God, Four Square, Baptist, Mennonite, Christian & Missionary Alliance,and many more.  In my experience, I grew up Baptist, received a Bible & Theology degree from an Alliance college, worked at Teen Challenge for four years which is affiliated with the Assemblies of God, did three years of Bethel Church’s ministry school (Bill Johnson’s school which is in charge of the Global Legacy network of churches), am on staff as the Itinerant Healing Minister of a Christian Outreach Centre church, and finished my Master’s degree from a Four Square seminary.  Therefore, I have a lot of experience in a broad spectrum of denominations.  However, my beliefs have been most impacted by Bethel Church and Global Legacy of them all and would be considered to be Charismatic.